Fabrication Tips for Corian Private Collection

I was recently updating my slideshare account and was surprised to see a power point presentation, uploaded over two years ago, had over 1,200 views. I don’t remember the original source of this presentation, but it’s always been helpful to demonstrate to clients the nuances of the CORIAN “Private Collection,” which currently has 37 colors in this characteristically unique grouping of colors.Corian Private Collection

I have found this presentation a great tool over the years, its matter-of-fact approach conveys to the client the unique characteristics of the product and set’s an expectation up front. I typically include this presentation with any proposal specify the Corian Private Collection or materials with similar properties.

Borrowed from the presentation, as summary says:

The Private Collection Series has characteristics that requires some specific fabrication methods • Directional veining that ranges from subtle to bold • The edge of the sheet has a different appearance than the top • The shade may change slightly through the thickness • Some colors have abrasive content that shortens tool life • Sheet yield may be lower – need to consider when quoting jobs it is important to understand these characteristics and be able to set customer expectations • Physical samples help in setting expectations.

I think you too will find the this presentation useful and would like to know the original source!